Laurentien Series 59" Tall Gun Safe With Electronic Lock & Triple Seal Protection (32 Long Gun + 6 Handgun Capacity)

Canadian Shield Safe Company

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The Laurentien Series SA5932P-BD 14.03 cu. ft. Fireproof and Waterproof 32-Gun Safe provides all the essentials for security, giving you total peace of mind. Our proprietary Triple Seal technology creates a seal against fire and smoke damage for 45 minutes in temperatures up to 1400°F and water protection for up to 7-days in 2 ft. of standing water. This long gun safe is constructed out of industrial grade steel with a fortified Uni-Weld body and eight 1.5 in. steel locking bolts. It features a fully programmable electronic lock, Anti-Theft Alarm, and comes with two Fail Safe override keys. The interior of the safe is fully carpeted and includes a barrel rack with 32 gun positions, a Zero-Sag steel reinforced top shelf that supports heavier items, and three height-adjustable side shelves.

Fire Rated 45 min @ 1,400o FWaterproof in 2' for 7 dayswarranty badge

Product Features:

  • Independently fire-rated for 45 minutes in temperatures up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Independently water-rated for 7 days in up to 2 ft of standing water 
  • 32 long gun barrel rests and 6 handgun holsters
  • Fully programmable electronic lock with two Fail Safe override keys to ensure access is possible in any situation
  • Rugged full-seam Uni-Weld steel construction with five 1.5 in. active steel bolts and three 1.5 in. deadbolts creates a fortified barrier against theft
  • Anti-Theft Alert triggers an alarm if unauthorized entry attempts are detected
  • Fully carpeted interior with a Zero-Sag top shelf, height-adjustable side shelves, and a single UL Rated power outlet
  • Deluxe door organization with zipper pockets and six handgun holsters for quick access to commonly used items
  • Available in a durable Black Textured Gloss powder coat finish with a 3-spoke chrome handle

Interior Features:

  • Carpeted interior and sidewalls.
  • Standard Door Organizer maximizes storage space and offers quick access to commonly used items.
  • Single UL approved power-outlet.
  • Fully adjustable shelving.
  • One top shelf and three side shelves.
  • Includes our best-in-class Lifetime Warranty that covers the entire safe against theft, fire, natural flood, locks, parts, and paint

Product Specifications:

UPC 813204025119 GUN CAPACITY 32+6
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS (HxWxD) 59"x32"x20" FINISH Matte Black Powder Coat
WEIGHT 436lb. INTERNAL VOLUME 14.03 cu. ft.
Lock Type Electronic Lock Face
8–1.5" steel bolts


30651911 6000201341547 813204025119 B08WT41MSS SA5932P

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