Preserve Series 72" Tall Gun-Safe With Electronic Lock & Triple Seal Protection (60 LG + 8 HG Capacity)

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The Preserve SA7240P Safe sets a new standard in protection, offering unmatched security for your precious valuables and firearms. As the largest safe in preserve Series, it features the innovative TRIPLE SEAL PROTECTION™, ensuring your belongings remain safe from the damaging effects of fire, water, and smoke. This groundbreaking 60-gun safe is the first in its class to provide comprehensive defense against the elements. The Safe introduces true 4-way locking to enhance its already robust security features. The Safe is designed to provide all the essentials for security, guaranteeing the ultimate protection for your belongings. Trust this exceptional safe to keep your firearms and valuables safe from harm, offering you total peace of mind.

Fire Rated 45 min @ 1,400o FWaterproof in 2' for 7 dayswarranty badge

Product Features:

  • TRIPLE SEAL PROTECTION™ for fire, water, and smoke damage
  • 45-minute fire rating at 1,400°F
  • Waterproof in 2 ft. for 7 days
  • Durable Zero-Sag™ steel-reinforced top shelf and UNI-WELD™ body
  • Advanced locking system with 1.5" solid-steel bolts
  • 2- and 4-way locking options for added security
  • Audible ANTI-THEFT ALERT and FAIL SAFE™ backup keys
  • Fully programmable numeric lock face
  • Custom features including Black Textured Gloss finish, power outlet, and door organizer
  • Best-in-Class Lifetime Warranty covering theft, fire, flood, locks, parts, and paint

Product Specifications:

UPC 813204021357 GUN CAPACITY 60L + 8H
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS (HxWxD) 72"x40"x25" FINISH Black - Textured Gloss Powder Coat
WEIGHT 661 lb. INTERNAL VOLUME 29.4 cu. ft.
Lock Type Electronic Lock Face
BOLTS 10--1.5"" Steel Bolts

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