CAS-RB-3 Cluck & Squeal-Rib Formula-3 pack-(155g/Unit)

CAS-RB-3 Cluck & Squeal-Rib Formula-3 pack-(155g/Unit)


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Cluck & Squeal seasonings and BBQ rubs are complex, flavorful recipes created for easy, everyday use. The Cluck & Squeal line-up can bring a meal to life and make it memorable at any dinner table in the world. Cluck & Squeal-Rib Formula Seasoning and BBQ rub-3 pack-(155g/Unit)

  • This award-winning rib rub is formulated lower in salt, so it can be applied generously.
  • Once your ribs are tender, glaze them with pure maple syrup and add a dusting of Rib Formula.
  • No need for Sauce! Rib Formula is also a proven winner with Pork belly, chicken wings, and thighs.
  • This product welcomes the addition of sweet, spicy and espresso grounds.
  • Pork and Ribs are just the beginning!

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