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CatchMaster Mouse Size Glue Traps are a heavy-duty solution for keeping mice and insects out of your home. These professional-strength traps are designed to be effective in all environments and can remain active for up to one year. They are non-toxic, pre-baited, disposable, and require no additional setting or baiting. Made to catch mice and insects of all sizes, these traps are a hassle-free and reliable solution for your pest control needs. Trust CatchMaster to keep your home pest-free with their Mouse Size Glue Traps.

Product Features:

  • Heavy-duty traps designed for catching mice and insects
  • Professional-strength formula requires no additional baits
  • Effective in all environments, including damp or humid areas
  • Long-lasting adhesive formula prevents hardening and remains effective for up to one full year
  • Safe for your home and family, non-toxic, and pre-baited
  • No setting or baiting required, ready to use out of the box
  • Disposable and easy to use
  • Catch mice and insects of all sizes
  • Ideal for use in any household or commercial setting.

Product Specifications:

Parcel Dimensions Per Item
0.75 X 5.25 X 5 In
Manufacturer Atlantic Paste & Glue
Reference (SKU) 102SD
Weight Per Item 0.22 LB

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