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First Nature

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First Nature's Ant Barrier is your effective solution to keep bird feeders ant-free. Simply installed between the chain and the feeder and filled with water, it creates an impassable moat, deterring ants from invading your bird feed. Please note, the bird feeder and feeder hook are not included. Enjoy the beauty of bird feeding without the nuisance of ants and provide a safe, clean feeding environment for your feathered visitors with our Ant Barrier. Order yours today!

Product Features:

  1. Effective Ant Deterrent: Designed to prevent ants from reaching your bird feeder.
  2. Easy Installation: Simply install between the chain and the feeder.
  3. Water-Filled Barrier: Fill with water to create an impassable moat for ants.
  4. Compatibility: Works with most chain-hung bird feeders.

Product Specifications:

SKU 993306-512
UPC 039256833063
Brand First Nature

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