Gamo Lethal (Up to 38% More Accuracy) .177 Cal. Qty 100 Blister Pk Black - 632274054

Gamo Lethal (Up to 38% More Accuracy) .177 Cal. Qty 100 Blister Pk Black - 632274054


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Product Description

Gamo Lethal Pellets with dome tip and two body design for outstanding terminal penetration, .177 caliber 5.56 gr air rifle pellet, Quantity: 100 Count, Stable trajectory and long polymer skirt for up to 38% better accuracy

From the Manufacturer

100.177 Caliber lethal pellets. The lethal pellet can acquire up to 38-percent better grouping than a standard lead pellet, thanks to the stable trajectory and its longer polymer skirt. The dome tip and the two body design enable this pellet to penetrate a metal plate up to 0.06 In (0.15 Cm) thickness. Copper retains 100-percent of its weight after expansion, retaining velocity/energy, creating less ballistic drag. The shape and long skirt create a flatter trajectory and tighter group patterns. Terminal impact for a clean, vital shot kill. ModelNo. 632274054. Gamo is the world's largest manufacturer of air gun pellets. Our goal is to produce the most accurate air gun ammunition money can buy. To achieve this goal we use state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, Gamo pellets are consistently monitored to the strictest standards to ensure consistent shape and highest quality. Each pellet type is tested through actual firing of random lot samplings. If a lot groups outside of 7/8-inch of an-inch at 10 or 25 meters the entire lot is discarded.

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