Granite Series 55" Tall Gun Safe With Electronic Lock & Fire Rated Protection (24 Gun Capacity)

Canadian Shield Safe Company

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The Canadian Shield Granite Series SA5525INS-BD Safe - taps into our raw, instinctive desire to protect our home, family, and belongings. This gun safe is built for strength and security with its rugged steel body and programmable electronic lock, with two override keys to ensure you have access when you need it the most. The electronic keypad can be set to Silent Entry Mode to disable any keypad beeps for discreet, sound-free access.

Inside the fully carpeted safe are 24 durable overmolded plastic barrel rests with a soft touch coating to protect against scratches. Three scoped rifle standoffs are included and can easily snap onto any barrel rest position to make room for a scoped rifle. With its sleek Textured Matte Black powder coat finish and metal drop handle, this safe stands as a piece that leaves a lasting impression.

Fire Rated 30 min @ 1,400o Fwarranty badge

Product Features:

  • Fireproof for up to 30 minutes at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • 24 soft touch overmolded long gun barrel rest positions     
  • Rugged steel construction with three 1 in active steel bolts and two 1 in deadbolts          
  • Fully programmable electronic lock with two Fail Safe override keys          
  • Fully carpeted interior protects firearms from scratches      
  • Includes three moveable scoped rifle standoffs for storing rifles with attachments
  • Sleek Textured Matte Black exterior finish and metal drop handle        
  • Lifetime Warranty covers the entire safe against theft, fire, natural flood, locks, parts, and paint with free freight on replacement safes and free locksmith services if you ever get locked out

    Interior Features:

    • Carpeted interior and sidewalls.
    • Gun Capacity: 24
    • Fully adjustable shelving and barrel rests
    • 4 pre-cut anchor holes

    Product Specifications:

    UPC 813204025140 GUN CAPACITY 24
    EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS (HxWxD) 55"x25"x22.75" FINISH Matte Black Powder Coat
    WEIGHT 284 lb. INTERNAL VOLUME 13.06 cu. ft.
    Lock Type E Lock
    BOLTS 5-1" Steel Bolts


    813204025140  6000201341908  30651914  SA5525INS

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