LEDLENSER - i7R Rechargeable LED Torch, 220 Lumens, Black - LL 880320


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The Ledlenser i7R is a tough, rechargeable version of the i7, offering a maximum output of 220 lumens from a high power Cree LED.

Made from robust aluminium, it features the industrial series' signature yellow ring on the inside of the head and yellow detailing on the switch, which is great for visibility in a work place environment.

The beam can reach up to 180 metres range when fully focused into a spot and the fast lock feature allows you to lock the head into place at your desired focus point, so it can stay where you need it.

It uses four AAA NiMH batteries, with superior gold-plated battery contacts to help resist corrosion and keep the battery running well. A full charge can provide a run-time of up to 30 hours on the low setting and the energy saving function gradually decreases the output down to 1 lumen, in order to prolong the output of the torch.

The batteries are charged inside the torch battery compartment using the Ledlenser charging station. The tail of the torch unscrews, with the battery compartment attached, and this slots into the charging side of the charging station. The other side is a slot for you to store the head and barrel of the torch while charging is in progress. The included cable plugs into the micro USB port on the charging base at one end, and the other end plugs into a USB port on the computer/laptop or a suitable mains/car USB adaptor.


  • USB cable
  • charging base
  • roll protection ring
  • belt sheath
  • lanyard
  • 4 x AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Warranty

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