LedLenser IF4R Music in Box - LL 502172


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Secure, prop, light... and jam out! The compact Ledlenser iF4R Music is Ledlenser's first-ever light paired with a bluetooth speaker. Now, not only can your light illuminate your workspace, but it has a built-in bluetooth speaker to connect to your smartphone and play to your favorite music, podcasts or radio station. The iF4R is an easy-to-transport area light that always keeps your hands free when you need them. This is an extremely bright work spot light -- 2,500 lumens that has five brightness levels so you can adjust to exactly right amount depending on the job. The iF4R has a very strong magnetic base to attach to metal surfaces, and it is flexible so you can pivot and tilt the light to where you need it most. And charging is a breeze, thanks to its magnetic charge system.