Ramcat Crossbow Broadhead (Pack of 3), Silver, 100 Grain - RCR2000


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Ramcat Crossbow Broadhead (Pack of 3), Silver, 100 Grain - RCR2000 

Product Description

Incorporating proven aircraft technology, Ramcat is the first fixed-blade broadhead that flies exactly like a field point when shot from any bow, at any speed. The Crossbow Hydroshock-X features front and rear sharpened blades which pivot on impact to improve quartering-shot performance and penetration.

The Crossbow Hydroshock-X broadhead features Ramcat’s patented Airfoil System found on the ferrule. This concave scoop design creates an airfoil that eliminates wind planing for renowned field point accuracy.

On impact, these scoops turn the head into a hydrodynamic plow. The airfoils created by the scoops push body mass outward, away from the arrow shaft, creating wound channels much larger than the cutting diameter and resulting in devastating penetration.

Firenock aero concentric technology uses two o-rings to keep the shank perfectly aligned in the insert, eliminating thread slip. This, combined with our blade over shaft technology, results in one of the most aerodynamic broadheads on the market.

Like all Ramcat products, the Hydroshock is designed to hit like a ram, cut like a cat, and open the BLOODGATES. Order yours today!

From the Manufacturer

Crossbow broadhead featuring deep lobes in the cutting tip which create an air foil that drafts wind over the blades eliminating wind planing. Features off set blades, one piece stainless steel body and.032-inch Thick blades that are sharpened both front and back for cutting on entry and as the arrow pulls out on shots that don't pass through game.