TASCO |Luminova Telescopes - 800Mm X 60Mm - 40060660


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Product Description

 A value-priced 8mm focal length refractor telescope. Includes solar viewing screen. A value-priced 8mm focal length refractor telescope. Includes solar viewing screen.

Brand Tasco
Eyepiece lens description Kellner
Objective lens diameter 6 Centimetres
Telescope mount description Equatorial Mount
Focus type Manual Focus
Item weight 5 Kilograms
Product Dimensions 77.5D x 27.9W x 20.3H Centimetres

From the Manufacturer

Notably lightweight and extremely portable, this powerful Luminova refractor telescope offers many advanced features that make lunar details crystal clear. Easy-to-use, slow-motion controls work with either an alt-azimuth or an equatorial mount. The 1.25" eyepiece delivers sharp images and a wide field-of-view along with excellent eye relief.

Value-priced for an 800mm focal length refractor, this telescope is a great choice for for beginning amateur astronomers. Includes solar viewing screen. It features:

  • 660x magnification
  • 60mm objective lens
  • Included accessories: Tasco SkyWatch CD-ROM with 10,000 Object Database, Diagonal, Moon filter, Solar Projection Screen

Tech Talk
When selecting a telescope, consider which target objects you plan to explore as well as your level of experience. For viewing most night sky objects, you'll want a telescope with as much aperture as possible. Keep in mind that as the size of the objective lens or mirror increases, so does the size of the telescope. So be sure to select a telescope that isn't too heavy to manage or too complicated for you tot set up - especially if portability is a necessity.

  • Refractor Telescope: A refractor telescope collects light though a large objective lens and directs it through the telescope to the eyepiece for magnification. Invented by the famous astronomer Galileo, refractor telescopes are noted for bright, high-quality images with excellent resolution.
  • Reflector Telescope: Reflectors use a large concave mirror to collect and focus light back to a diagonal mirror which redirects the light to the eyepiece for magnification. Reflectors deliver the most magnification in a compact design because they achieve a longer focal length through the use of mirrors.
  • Eyepieces: Lower power eyepieces provide a wider field-of-view and a brighter image making them ideal for viewing the full Moon and planets, star clusters, nebulae and the constellations. To focus in on the finer details of the Moon and planets such as mountains, ridges and craters, use an eyepiece with higher magnification.
  • Mounts: There are two basic types of telescope mounts, the altitude-azimuth (also referred to as alt-azimuth or altaz) and the equatorial. Altaz mounts are the easiest to maneuver and are ideal for first-time astronomers. Equipped with a manual control or motor drive that allows you to follow the movement of objects across the night sky, equatorial mounts are ideal for more experienced astronomers.


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