Platinum Series 32.75" Tall Home & Office Safe With Electronic Lock & Triple Seal Protection (5.0 cu. ft.)

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The Platinum SA-PLAT4-CA-DP provides the utmost protection in Home and Office secure storage solutions while integrating luxurious finishes and material treatments. Secure, easy to use, purpose built to fit your valuable all whiles fitting in with even the most discernable decor. Perfect for tax documents, binders of collector cards and coins and jewelry.

Fire Rated 120 Minutes @ 1800°Waterproof 7 Dayswarranty badge

Product Features:

  • Fire Rating: 120 mins at 1800°F
  • Waterproof: 7 days, including handle area
  • Interior Lighting: Built-in for easy visibility
  • Print Guard™: Concealed security feature
  • Triple Seal Protection™: Shields against fire, water, smoke
  • Silent Entry Mode: Noiseless and secure access
  • Advanced Locking System: 4-way, 1.25” solid steel locking bolts
  • Tamper Indicator: Alerts against tampering
  • FAIL SAFE™ Backup Keys: Emergency access option
  • Fully Illuminated Lock Face: Enhanced security and visibility
  • Secure Entry Options: Digital and Biometric models available
  • Custom Design: Metal Grey gloss metallic exterior
  • Quilted Vinyl Interior: Elegant and protective interior design
  • Tempered Glass Shelves: Organized and durable storage
  • Lifetime Warranty: Comprehensive coverage.

Product Specifications:


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