Cluck And Squeal - Tasty Hot! BBQ Seasonings and BBQ Rubs - CS007

Cluck And Squeal - Tasty Hot! BBQ Seasonings and BBQ Rubs - CS007

Cluck & Squeal

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Usage and Tips:

  • The Tasty Hot! BBQ Seasonings and BBQ Rubs are designed with the "tasty" aspect before the "hot" aspect, allowing users to adjust the level of heat to their liking.
  • The intention is to provide a kick of heat to favorite foods without overwhelming the taste buds.
  • Tasty Hot can be added to sauces, chili, salsa, and any meat dish to bring out a rich chili pepper heat.
  • The creator, Chef Marc Cardinali, focused on using clean and well-made ingredients, and the product contains one pure natural ingredient.
  • The heat from Tasty Hot warms the back of the mouth and enhances the meal in a way that pepper enthusiasts enjoy.

Recommended Uses:

  • The seasoning is versatile and can be used on a wide range of dishes.
  • It's designed to complement the existing Cluck and Squeal lineup but can also be added directly to food.
  • Tasty Hot enhances existing flavors without masking taste buds with unbearable heat.
  • Users can adjust the quantity they use according to their preference.


  • The product is available in an 82g medium shaker bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Drew Goldsmith
Cluck and Squeal BBQ Rubs

Love this new spice for my meats . Game changer in favor

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